Artwork of Anthony Joseph Mezza


Balloons Over Italy, 24" x 30", acrylic on canvas 

Welcome to my website.  I am extremely excited to showcase some of my newer pieces here and use it as a forum to convey a more expressive side of myself artistically.   I have finally made time, and found courage to tackle deeper issues and topics in the form of new paintings.  These topics I have kept buried inside me - trapped and fearful to articulate.  For some of these, I have switched my medium to oils after 18 years of acrylics.  


Clearly, I am taking on personal topics that have hit all too close to me – loss, pain, anxiety, life and death – but in doing so, I am hoping to reach those who see my work and tap into their emotions.  The majority of my emotions however are filled with happiness, life, love, desire, passion, hope and joy.


My works are ever evolving, in both content and style, as I try and push myself towards a more expressive technique with my brush.   My only goal is to keep growing, be fearless, and paint from my heart.



Warm regards,